Hitchhiking from The Netherlands to Vietnam? Yep, that’s my plan. Check here my rough planning to hitchhike the world.

What route will you take for hitchhiking to Asia?

Roughly the plan is sketched in the picture below. Below it is explained in more detail.

This is the roughly my plan for hitchhiking from Europe to Asia

The idea is to hitchhike to Poland first. So I can cross countries in Eastern Europe which I didn’t visit yet.

From Poland I will go southwards to Turkey. Then I will cross the Northern part of Turkey and enter Georgia and Azerbaijan.

From Azerbaijan I will take a boat to Kazakhstan. I might visit Uzbekistan as well. Coming back to Kazakhstan after that.

Then I will visit Kyrgyzstan to hopefully do some hiking over there.

Depending on the validation of my visum for China, I might enter China than. Other option is to move to Mongolia, or maybe both.

From China I will go southwards to Vietnam.

Rough hitchhike planning:

  • April and May: The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania or Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.
  • June and July: Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • August: Kazakhstan and maybe Uzbekistan
  • September: Kyrgyzstan
  • Oktober: China?
  • November: Vietnam?

Note that this is a very rough planning. I have no idea how long I will stay anywhere or how long hitchhiking will take.

Why this route?

Because it seems to be the safest. I didn’t want to hitchhike through Afghanistan and India.

Also with visa it seems to be the easiest. I wasn’t sure if I could get a visum for Russia, so I skipped that country.

Actual hitchhiking road to Asia

In the map below you can find my actual road to Asia. I’ll try to update it frequently.

Why would you go hitchhiking from Europe to Asia?

To see the world, meet other people and have some fun. Of course I hope to have some cool adventures.

I will visit a lot of countries where I’ve never been to, so I am looking forward to that.

In 2016 I have hitchhiked to Greece, which was great fun. But unfortunately I couldn’t go further at that time, because of limited time. So this time I made enough time to go a bit further.

When? And how long?

I will try to do this in 2019.

I started hitchhiking from The Netherlands to Vietnam in April 2019. To be exact, my parents dropped me at the highway on the 17th of April.

There is no real time limit, because I quitted my job. But I plan to go between 6 months and a year. But only if I still like it of course :)

Where will you start?

I started my hitchhike trip at the highway ramp in Hoogeveen (East-side).

Hoogeveen is my hometown in the North of the Netherlands. My parents helped me to bring me there.

hitchhiking from the netherlands to vietnam

Started my hitchhike trip at the highway ramp in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands.

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Ye Ngwe Soe · December 21, 2019 at 12:42 pm

I want to hitchhike Myanmar to Netherland . which way I will choose ?

    World Hitchhiker · January 4, 2020 at 7:46 am

    Heyhey! You could chose to go through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia to Europe. Or what I would personally like more; go through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and all other countries in Europe. Of course there’s more options, but these are okayish regarding visas and safety for me as a Dutch person.

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