Sometimes I end up in the most interesting places while hitchhiking. This time I ended up in a quite weird place. I call it the Egg house.

Can I pitch my tent here?

Somewhere along the road. In the dark. I asked a car dealer if I could pitch my tent in his big warehouse. His anser: “Nope.” But his neighbour came by and offered me to pitch my tent in front of his house.

My tent would be right next to the main road and in sight of everyone that passes by. I had my doubts. I prefer to camp out of sight, because of safety reasons. The less people see you, the less chance a person will harm you while sleeping (at least that’s my theory).

Luckily he changed his mind. He offered me to sleep inside. Yes, lucky me! He opened the door of his house. Guess what I saw…

The Egg house

The house was full of eggs and a terrible egg smell overwhelmed me.

sleep in egg house

In the middle a bed; my bed for the night. He runs an egg business. Warehouse and bed room at the same place.

Almost immediately he left because he would sleep somewhere else that night. Not worried about a stranger in his house, quite cool. I am not sure if I would trust a stranger that quickily. Anyway, he did.

So definitely not the best circumstances but I was happy to sleep in a safe place. After all; safety first.

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