Many of you have asked me about the brand NatureHike. I’ve used a lot of NatureHike products, so I thought it’s time to write a review about it. Here’s a NatureHike brand review. Is the Chinese outdoor brand for backpackers worth buying?

Good imitatation of expensive brands?

It seems that the brand NatureHike offers very good prices. Way better than famous outdoor brands. Interesting is the price-quality ratio of Naturehike. They seem imitate the famous brands in a very good way. But is the quality as good as it seems? Will you have the quality of famous brands for the lowest price?

Naturehike outdoors logo on my tent.

Do you even want imitation stuff at all?

Please decide for yourself if you’re happy with imitation stuff first. Some Naturehike tents look like MSR tents for example. So you might get the high quality from MSR with a low price from Naturehike. But this way MSR doesn’t earn money, although they invest in researching everything. Decide for yourself if you are okay with this.

Great quality for a small price?

Apart from that, I believe that the quality of the material of NatureHike is great. Especially for the price you pay. You get great stuff for a small price. For example; I’ve hitchhiked a complete year with a NatureHike tent, including wildcamping in 26 countries. And the tent is still great! Water proof, light weight and durable. For a way lower price then I could have found anywhere.

camp in tibetan area
Using the tent in Tibetan area at high altitude of 4600 meters.

Some examples of what you can buy at NatureHike:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Socks
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping matt
  • Lightweight tent
  • Foldable backpack
  • Gas burner
  • Head lamp
  • Gloves
  • Hiking poles
  • Travel towel
  • Lightweight chairs

All in all NatureHike offers a lot for outdoor and backpacking.

naturehike products
Some examples of NatureHike products

Which NatureHike products did I test?

On my hitchhiking around the world trip I used several items of NatureHike. That’s why I wrote this Naturehike Brand review.

Especially about their lightweight tent I was super surprised. I think that tent shows what they stand for: super good price-quality ratio. They offer very cheap products for good quality (in general, exemptions may be there).

my naturehike orders
Some of my Naturehike orders (descriptions partly in Dutch)

The NatureHike products I used

These are some of the Naturehike products I’ve used. I wrote this review as I used quite a lot of items. I ordered them all directly from China.

  • Waterproof bag
  • 18L Foldable NatureHike Backpack
  • Traveling towels
  • NatureHike tent
  • Gas burner for cooking

My opinion about the products I’ve used

The NatureHike product I used where mostly above expectations. They are so cheap that I didn’t expect too much. I ordered them all from China on AliExpress. Obviously they arrived on several different dates. But they all surprised me when I opened the packages. Quality seems to be an important aspect of the NatureHike brand.

Backpack tent

Especially the tent was super high quality for it’s price. I don’t think I can find the same quality for this price considering it’s small pack size and the lightweight aspect of it. Read more about this lightweight Naturehike tent for backpackers.

My NatureHike tent review

Gas burner for cooking

The gas burner always works and seemed to be made of good quality metal. It perfectly fits in all five gas bottles from different brands I used. Perfect for cooking while backpacking because their gas burner is super small.

Foldable backpack

The foldable backpack was not the best. It was okay and I’ve used it for all the 11 months I traveled last year. But the zipper was already not working perfectly when it arrived.

naturehike foldable backpack
I am wearing the NatureHike foldable backpack in an underground village in China.

After about three months one of the two zippers broke. So I could only use on of it in a certain way. And after 9 months the small zipper in the front broke. But I have to admit I always put a lot of weight in the bag and always tried to put it as full as possible. So maybe it’s my fault.

Waterproof bag and towels

The waterproof bag and towels are still good. They what they should do, they work. Even still after 11 months of using them. Great isn’t it?

naturehike waterproof bag
During my 11 months hitchhike trip the blue waterproof Naturehike bag was always on the outside of my big backpack. It easily survived and it’s still waterproof.

NatureHike is a brand for outdoor and backpacking

The brand NatureHike was founded in China. As far as I know all their products are still ‘made in China’. That doesn’t always mean it’s high quality. So let’s have a look at the brand NatureHike.

naturehike brand review
The logo of the Naturehike outdoors brand.

The brand supplies everything for outdoor en backpacking. If you need anything for your next trip, you might have a look at their products first.

Official Naturehike store

I order all Naturehike products at the official Naturehike store from China. I order it via AliExpress.

Official Naturehike store at AliExpress

They offer worldwide shipping. Furthermore you order directly at the manufacturer, so it’s cheaper. Also you are sure you don’t buy fake stuff. And last but not least, you are covered by the AliExpress insurance (if your product is not supplied or it’s broken, you can get your money back).

You profit from:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Cheapest prices (because you directly order at manufacturer)
  • No fake products
  • Covered by AliExpress insurance

Check out the latest deals in the official Naturehike store

Pros and cons of the Naturehike brand review

What are the good things about the Naturehike brand review? And what are the bad things? These are the pros and cons after reviewing their products.


  • Quality-price ratio:
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)
  • Prices in general:
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)
  • Quality in general:
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
  • Design:
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)


  • Shipping time:
    ⭐⭐ (2/5)

Verdict: NatureHike Brand Review

As you already can guess I am very positive about the NatureHike brand. That’s why I would definitely recommend the NatureHike products.

The only downside is the shipping time. If you order from AliExpress the shipping might take 3 or 4 weeks.

All in all I really recommend the NatureHike brand in this review. The NatureHike products I had really performed well. They all worked and seemed to be from good quality.

Want to see the official Naturehike store?

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