Hitchhiking the World

In April 2019 I started hitchhiking from The Netherlands to Vietnam. This is my trip until Pingyao, China::

23.583 km

This is the distance I hitchhiked so far

330 Lifts

The amount of lifts I had.

22 Countries

I visited this amount of countries on my way from the Netherlands to Vietnam.

Who am I?

I am a guy from the Netherlands. Hitchhiking the world. In 2019 I try to hitchhike from The Netherlands to Vietnam. Read more about me.

How I travel

I travel just by hitchhiking. This means; I wait along the road for a car to take me. Sometimes I am also asking people at the gas station to take me further.

Hitchhike Map

Where did I Hitchhike? Click on the image below to see where I’ve hitchhiked so far. The image below is just the plan, the actual trip is updated on this hitchhiking map.

plan hitchhike from the netherlands to vietnam
This is the initial hitchhiking plan. Click on the image to see the actual route I’ve hitchhiked.

Social Media

The most recent updates you’ll find on my Social Media:


Rutger 🇳🇱 Hitchhiker


🌍 Hitchhiking/autostop from Holland to Vietnam 📍 Now in Mongolia 🚙 Hitchhiked 25.000+ km

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