From small scooters to big off-road trucks and from old Lada’s to a modern police car. What are the best cars that took me while hitchhiking?

School bus in Armenia

An old yellow school bus was driving up the mountain I wanted to go. I felt like it didn’t make sense to stick out my thumb, nevertheless I did it.

hitchhiking in armenia
One of the coolest buses that took me while hitchhiking in Armenia.

The school bus stopped and both the driver and the students were happy to take me. Some of the students tried to practise their English with me while others sang a song (for me?).

The teachers and students in the bus.

Mini Tractor in the mountains

While hiking in the mountains of Armenia an noisy vehicle was following us (I was together with another girl). When the old man overtook us, he offered us a ride.

After the ride I took a photo at the mini-tractor, he shows me his music speaker.

We drove through the high bushes and some small streams. His partly home-made tractor was surprisingly strong. He had a little trailer where I sat in. At front he had a JBL-speaker to listen to his favourite songs.

Straight through the bushes; this is me inside the home-made mini-trailer.

Hitchhiking a Porsche

Just a few kilometers, but hey, I hitchhiked a Porsche. These were the last few kilometers in Georgia to the border with Armenia.

Not a super spectacular ride like the other time I hitched a Porsche. That time we drove 280 km/h on the German highway.

hitchhiked a porsche
Hitchhiked a Porsche in Georgia.

Pickup Truck in Iran

This type of pickup truck (Zamyad 5000) drives everywhere around Iran. It took me about two weeks in Iran before they gave me a ride.

But then it went quick, I got about 8 rides of these cars in two days. Mostly I was super happy to jump in the back because it was a great way to place to enjoy the views.

iranian pickup truck zamyad 5000
Flat tire with the famous Iranian pickup truck (Zamyad 5000).
hitchhike a pickup truck
Very happy to hitchhike my first pickup truck in Iran.
Great views from the pickup trucks in Iran.

Loads of Lada’s

In Eastern Europe I was picked up by a lot of Lada’s. I love this car. Super basic, but comfortable, even on the terrible roads in Armenia. According to many drivers this car isn’t super reliable though.

Especially in Armenia many Lada cars took me.
hitchhiking in Bulgaria
The driver of this Lada took me which leaded to the best hitchhiking experience Bulgaria.

Old Russian off-road Truck

This old Russian took me for the best day of hitchhiking in Russia. It was filled with friends, drinking beer and wodka, starting from 7 o’clock in the morning.

Luckily I was at the road around that time, to go to some lakes up the mountain. This truck took me there, three hours over super bumpy road, but it was great fun!

Russian truck
On the way back, the old Russian truck got stuck in the mud.

Russian vans

Those vans are popular in Russia. They are made by the Russian brand OAZ. They often stopped for me. Although they look old, they are still manufactured in the same style.

The Russian van OAZ is popular in Russia.

A group of Russian friends took me two days in their van. Again there was wodka. We had a lot of fun in the van, it was like a little roadtrip.

wodka in russian van
Party inside the Russian van, another shot of wodka in the early morning.

Bus through the mountains of Iran

The was empty. That’s probably why the bus driver decided to take this hitchhiker. An 4-hour ride took me through the Iranian mountains.

In Europe we know these busses from Mercedes, in Iran it’s a joint venture of Mercedes Benz and Iranian Khodro.

hitchhiked a bus in iran
I hitchhiked with this bus for hours through the Iranian mountains.

Three wheeler truck in China

This noisy Chinese truck took me for about two hours. We passed rice terraces and banana leaves in the tropical south of China.

three wheeler truck china
Noisy three wheeler truck in China.

After an hour we made a detour to unload some of the freight. When we arrived in the village, the driver brought my backpack straight to the city-bus and bought me a ticket to the city centre.

The truck has no doors, which was not a bad thing with the tropical weather.

Food Delivery Scooter

I was surprised when this food delivery guy stopped for me. I thought it wouldn’t fit with my backpack, but it worked! He saved me from a few kilometer walking.

hitchhiked a scooter
Hitchhiked with a food delivery guy in China.

Hitchhiked a police car in China

In China the police stopped for us. They found the hitchhiking at the highway too dangerous and decided to take us to the train station.

police hitchhiking
Police took me while hitchhiking in China.

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