A Tajik family was so friendly to host me for the night.⁣

tajikistan family at pamir highway
When I arrived in the little town, the 16-year-old boy said “come to my house”.⁣

As I had no other plans I decided to come with him and his little sister. I asked them if they shouldn’t ask their Mom first if it was ok.⁣

But no. That was totally not needed.⁣

So when we arrived at the house it seemed they didn’t even tell their mother what was going on (I could only communicate with the boy).⁣

But the parents seemed happy to host me.⁣

The Mom just made tea and food for us, they were very nice.⁣

I slept in the only bed room they had (I am afraid the parents slept this night in the living room because of me).⁣

When I left, they gave me a roll toilet paper as present.

I offered them a bit of money as I heard the people in this area are quite poor.⁣

Anyway, there hospitality is great! Another special experience!

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