Is the Sawyer Mini Squeeze Water filter worth its money? Is it useful? Read it in our Sawyer Mini Water filter Review.

What is Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter?

It’s a Mini Water filter from the Sawyer brand. It’s super small and good for travelling.

Sawyer Mini Water filter review
The complete Sawyer Mini Water filter set.

The official name is Sawyer Squeeze Water filtration system. It’s called squeeze because it comes with a squeezable pouch. Many people call it Sawyer Mini though, an easier name.

When you squeeze it, you filter the water.

How does it work?

The Sawyer water filter comes with a pouch and a syringe. It’s small and compact.

Fill the pouch with the water. Screw the water filter on top. Squeeze the pouch and it works! Super easy!

Drink directly from the filter or pour it in a glass or bottle.

After use you can fill the syringe with filtered water. And empty the syringe in the other side of the filter to clean it backwards.

To be honest I never took the syringe on my long-term travels. I just clean it under the faucet. But to be safe, please follow the instructions on the packaging.

sawyer waterfilter small and light for travel
The Sawyer waterfilter is small and light, ideal for travel. This photo was taken in China.

How long does the filtering take?

To filter one pouch takes a bit less than two minutes. An 1.5 liter soda bottle will take about 5 minutes.

Actually I prefer to fill a big soda bottle with unfiltered water. Then I screw the filter on top and drink when I want. Directly from the filter. This is also possible with the pouch.

sawyer mini water filter
On the right unfiltered water, left is filtered with the Sawyer Mini water filter.

Review Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Is it worth buying a Sawyer Mini Water filter? It depends on what you want.

For traveling the Sawyer Mini Water filter is perfect. It’s small. Super small. Also it’s light weight.

You can use the squeezable pouch to filter water. Moreover you can screw the filter on most PET-bottles (soda bottles).

Recommended use of the water filter

Personally I’ve used this water filter during my backpack trips. Especially when hiking it’s extremely useful.

When you go hiking with the water filter, you can drink from almost any water source.

sawyer mini on pet bottle
You easily screw the Sawyer Mini waterfilter on most PET bottles.

Not buying water anymore

In addition to that I use the water filter in countries where the faucets don’t give drinkable water.

This quickly saves a lot of money. If you are a long term traveler you will easily spend $1 to $2 on a day on water bottles.

So within a month you would save at least $30 by using the Sawyer Mini Waterfilter. This way you earn the money back in one month!

Is it worth buying the Sawyer Squeeze Water filter?

If you are planning to go on a long term travel trip? Yes! Also if you go on hiking trips it’s worth your money.p

As we said, you’ll earn your money back within a month. Because you don’t have to buy bottles of water everyday anymore.

Furthermore you can use the water filter for hikes. I think this product is extremely useful for hikes.

water filter usage in china
The Sawyer is perfect for hikes, here I use it during a hike in China, Tibetan area.

Why this water filter instead of a dedicated water filter bottle?

It depends on you. But as a backpacker I want to travel light. Also I want to keep my backpack small.

The dedicated bottles are often big, rigid and heavy. You can’t easily put them in your backpack. When you don’t want to use them, they are always in the way.

If you are interested in the best waterfilter bottle, have a look at this one.

The Sawyer Mini Waterfilter is the smallest option out there. It only adds a few grams to your backpack. In the end it’s super affordable as well.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

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