Don’t know what my arm is doing here, but I stopped the truck!

The truck driver was surprisingly happy to see me: “Hey, you are Lucas?!” I didn’t know what to say, so he repeated: “You are Lucas, from Germany!” I laughed and told him I am not Lucas from Germany. He was a kind of disappointed. .
Unfortunately he was driving in the wrong direction so I had to leave the truck again.

I hitchhiked 310km in about 5 hours today. Which is not that bad, but it felt like a tough day. Many cars stopped, but often in the wrong direction or they didn’t understand what I want. And then the heat makes it worse; the forecast says 43°C, but one car showed 52°C. Don’t know which one is right, but at least it’s super warm. Furthermore I was taken two times of the main road, what I didn’t want, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to the road (one time I fell asleep).

So yeah, it’s not always easy, but hey I made it to the desert of Iran and it’s super nice.

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