A car stopped right in front of me. It was a Turkish couple, from around 50 years old, they looked quite traditional. The woman was wearing a headscarf and traditional clothing. I pointed in the direction of my destination: ‘Pmaukkale?’. They confirmed this, so I got in.

It was about 20 minutes from there to the turistic place Pamukkale. Communication with them wasn’t really possible because of our language barrier.

As very often they offered me a cigarette, I kindly rejected the offer. They smoked one.

After about 10 minutes we stopped. The driver pointed that the lady was getting off. She might be another hitchhiker is what I thought. And yes, she got off. But just after that she got in again in the backseat, just next to me.

The concerning car in the middle.

‘Okay weird’ I thought. But if they want this, than why not?! Untill that moment I hadn’t had any eye contact of communication with that woman.

The man drove on and pointed in the mirror to me and the lady. He seemed to be very happy. To my biggest surprise the lady started to touch my thigh.

I kindly gestured that this was not necessary. She accepted it and stopped.

But the man was still super happy behind the wheel. It seemed like they thought I didn’t got this pick up attempt.

So he started to make kiss signs with his lip, in the mirror. Next to that, the lady started to touch my thigh again. Again I showed that I didn’t wanted this. The lady seemed to get my message.

She just smoked he cigaret on. I also showed the man that this pick-up wasn’t needed.

Of course the following 10 minutes were kind of awkward. My backpack was at the left chair, I was in the middle and the lady right next to me.

In the corners of my eyes I saw the driver trying to make eye-contact with me. He was still very happy. I avoided the eye-contact and just waited to get to the destination. Luckily this went without any other weird stuff going in.

What they exactly wanted I still don’t know. But it was a weird situation for sure. I still think they were married. After all I can laugh about it, but it’s still a kind of weird.

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Enn (@EnnDai) · July 7, 2019 at 11:00 pm

Some men like watching their wife have sex with other men. I’m glad they weren’t too aggressive about their approach. Happy travels!

    World Hitchhiker · July 17, 2019 at 11:58 am

    Haha yeah you are right. Thanks! 😀

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