NatureHike Cloud Up 2 is a cheap backpack tent, but is it worth its money? Read our review about the cheap backpack tent from China.

Naturehike the new Chinese backpack brand

A Chinese brand for backpack gear, is that a good idea? Well Chinese brands are not always known for high quality, but NatureHike is doing a good job.

NatureHike CloudUp 2 Tent in Kyrgyzstan
Naturehike CloudUp 2 Tent in Kyrgyzstan

The relatively new Chinese brand sells backpack gear for a good price. Sometimes it seems like they make cheaper copies of well-known brands. But the price-quality ratio of NatureHike is definitely good! Apart from this tent, we also bought a mini backpack and a gas burner.

Naturehike tents

The brand NatureHike makes a lot of backpack gear. Super useful cheap backpack gear! They also make several backpack tents. From lightweight tent to shelter, they’ve got it all. Many users are enthusiastic about the quality of the tents.

NatureHike outdoor brand
Chinese brand NatureHike makes outdoor gear with good price-quality ratio

We decided to buy the NatureHike Cloud Up 2 tent and test it.

Naturehike Cloud Up 2 tent weight and properties

We checked the weight of the NatureHike Cloud Up 2 tent. Also we had a look at the other properties.

  • Name: NatureHike Cloud Up 2
  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Material tent fly: 20D Nylon Coated Silicon
  • Material Bottom tent: 20D Nylon Coated Silicon
  • Material Poles: 7001 Aluminium
  • Material nails/pegs: Aluminium
  • Suitable for 4 seasons (all seasons)
  • Weight: 1,6kg
  • Pack size: 40×13 cm
  • Weight of seperate mat: 300grams (including tent will be 1,9kg)
  • Waterproof: 4000mm
NatureHike CloudUp 2 label
This label comes with the NatureHike CloudUp 2 Tent

Review of NatureHike CloudUp 2 tent

We were pretty happy when we received the NatureHike CloudUp 2 tent. It comes in a decent packaging and the first impression is good.

The pegs and poles seem to be quite good quality. Also the flysheets seem to be good.

NatureHike tent good quality
The NatureHike tent seems to be made of good quality materials

The soil of the tent looks a bit thin, but it comes with separate matt.

First test of NatureHike CloudUp 2 review

I took the NatureHike CloudUp 2 tent on a 6 month trip to review it. Of course I first tested it at home.

NatureHike CloudUp 2 Tent pole aluminium
The NatureHike CloudUp 2 Tent pole is made from aluminium

First set up was easy. There’s only one pole. You connect the inner tent to the poles. The outer fly will be connected to the inner tent with buckles.

Set-up time: 5 to 8 minutes.

I didn’t use the separate mat for the first test. But the bottom of the tent is waterproof anyway. The grass got wet on the cold night, but the inside of my tent stayed dry.

Cheap backpack tent NatureHike
This cheap backpack tent is made from good quality materials

On super rainy or cold days I would recommend to use the seperate mat. It’s more waterproof and a bit thicker.

Using the backpack tent
Using the backpack tent in Kyrgyzstan

The first night in the tent was good. No problems at all. Packing the tent was easy as well. At this place I also used my Sawyer Mini Water filter.

Have a look at the price of this tent

Taking the tent on a 6 month trip

I’ve tested the NatureHike tent in most circumstances. This was mainly during a hitchhiking trip from The Netherlands to China.

Using the NatureHike tent in Tajikistan
Using the NatureHike tent in Tajikistan

The tent was simply good! It’s lightweight, waterproof and compact. The quality of the pegs, poles and fabrics is great.

One thing to improve

The only thing that can be improved is the front door zipper, this one sometimes gets stuck in the fly. But that’s all!

I bought the size for 2 persons. This gives me enough space to store my backpack next to me.

Size of NatureHike tent
The size of the NatureHike tent is good for 1 person and the backpack

I also used the tent with 2 persons. There is enough place to sleep, but the backpacks need to be in the entrance.

2 persons NatureHike tent
2 Persons fit in the NatureHike tent without backpacks

Rain never came through. Sometimes the fly was a bit foggy because of breathing out moisture. Also with heavy winds the tent performs good.

Watch my complete NatureHike CloudUp review on YouTube.

Verdict: Very good and Cheap Backpack tent

It may be clear; this tent is great. The quality of the materials is good. It’s easy to set up and compact to pack.

Furthermore it’s lightweight and it just looks good. But most satisfying is the outstanding price-quality ratio.

So don’t be scared, this cheap backpack tent from China won’t disappoint you. Get it cheap if you order it right from China.

cheap backpack tent from AliExpress
Mongolian kids are curious when I set up my cheap but great backpack tent from AliExpress in the Mongolian village

Where to buy the Naturehike tent?

You can easily buy the Naturehike Cloud Up 2 tent on AliExpress. They ship worldwide. In received my tent within a week in The Netherlands.

This is where you can buy the NatureHike tent

There’s a possibility to choose a warehouse. Please select a warehouse in your own country or in the EU if you live in the EU. This will avoid import tax.

Or you can check out the other Naturehike tents on AliExpress.

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il_gianK' · November 14, 2019 at 4:42 pm

Hi Rutger,

thanks for your review it is really helpful; I’m interested in this tent to trip in Oman but I’m not sure if its pegs are good enough on a sandy ground. Did you test it in a sitaution like that, by chance?

    World Hitchhiker · December 19, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    Hey! Sorry I just saw your reply. In my opinion the pegs are really good and strong. I am not super experienced with camping in the Middle East, but in my opinion it will be difficult with any kind of pegs to get them solid in a sandy ground 😉 As I said, I haven’t been to Oman, but the closest country I’ve been to with my NatureHike tent is Iran, the tent was good in that country, not any issues.

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