slovenia hitchhiking to triglav national park
Slovenia, the hidden gem of Europe. A developed country where the Alps and cozy towns can be found.

Triglav national Park

Slovenia is home to the Triglav National Park. A beautiful National Park around the highest mountain of Slovenia. Mount Triglav.

If you like a bit of hiking, then the Triglav National Park is a must. The area is peaceful and quiets. Even in summer there are not that many tourists.

Around Mount Triglav you find some sort of Youth Hostel which can be used as a base camp for trips. They serve food and have cheap beds in large dorms. 

hitchhiking to Triglav National Park

Sometimes it can be an hassle to hitchhike to specific areas like national parks. In the case of Triglav it isn’t. At least not for us.

At the time I visited the Triglav National Park, in 2016, it was quite easy to reach the Triglav Park. Just take the high road and get out at the nearest gas station to Triglav National Park.

On both sides of the high road there are gas stations. It is possible to reach the other side by walking through a small tunnel, which is a bit difficult to find.

On one side of the high road there is a small road which indirectly leads to Triglav National Park. At the gas station on this small road side of the high road, you might find people driving to Triglav.

That’s at least the place where we managed to get a drive to Triglav National Park. Of course you need to be lucky.

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