How to hitchhike in Iran? Tips for hitchhiking in Iran and experiences.

Is hitchhiking in Iran possible?

Many people asked me if hitchhiking in Iran possible? Yes, sure!

hitchhiking in the desert of iran

Hitchhiking in the desert of Iran.

During my hitchhike trip from the Netherlands to Vietnam I’ve hitchhiked through Iran. I experienced Iran as one of the easiest countries to hitchhike.

But you need to know how to do it. Because in the beginning it seemed hard.

How to hitchhike in Iran?

Hitchhiking in Iran is easy, once you know the unwritten rules.

inivited for lunch in iran

People in Iran are the best, they often invite your for lunch. In this case we spent some time gaming, perfect hitchhiking break for me.

Most of the general hitchhiking tips are useful for Iran as well.

Unofficial taxis

Almost everywhere at the street you can stop cars. Even in city centers cars will stop.

But these are mostly (un)official taxis. It seems like any car can be a taxi in Iran.

Therefore it might be a good idea to take public transport to the outskirts of town. From there it will be easier.

hitchhiking in iran

While hitchhiking in Iran you’ll encounter some stunning places.


I mostly didn’t understood the public transport. That’s why I decided to use Snapp.

Snapp is an app like Uber. I don’t like taxis, but I really needed this in Iran.

It will save you a lot of struggling with public transport. Furthermore it’s often less than 1 euro to the outskirts.

Ask if it’s not a taxi

Even at outskirts you’ll most likely stop some (un)official taxis.

Therefore you should ask if it’s not a taxi. The simple question “Taxi?” works.

Then I always ask for the next town in the direction of your destination.

If they go there, then you are lucky!

camp in garden in iran

People allowed me to camp in their garden in Iran

Hitchhiking in Iran for free?

You might ask if it’s for free. Because people in Iran are not used to the hitchhiking for free.

I used the word “Majani?”. Which means something like “for free?”.

Most people will laugh and take you. Some will drive on.

Hitchhiking in Iran is easy

After you read the above section, you might scared. It sounds complicated. But luckily it’s not.

Hitchhiking in Iran is easy. It has been one of the easiest countries to hitchhike for me.

Just take the hitchhiking tips on this page into consideration. Then you will have a great time hitchhiking in Iran.

Friendly people and hospitality

The people in Iran are super friendly. They made my time in Iran great.

Most of them are really happy to help you. Even if they can’t.

For example these people, there car was full, but they stopped to give us fruits.

hitchhike in iran fruits

Hitchhike in Iran; when their car is full, they just stop on the highway to give you fruits. So friendly!

Moreover I’ve been taken for lunch or dinner often. They even invited me sometimes to sleep over.

The hospitality in Iran is great! Enjoy your hitchhiking in Iran.

hospitality in iran

The hospitality in Iran is the best in the world. People often invited me to sleep in their house.

The best of hitchhiking in Iran

I really enjoyed hitchhiking in Iran. Therefore it might be cool to share some of the hitchhiking experiences in Iran.

These are some of my hitchhiking experiences in Iran:

autostop in Iran

I am sure you’ll have great time while doing autstop in Iran.

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