Hitchhiked to Tajikistan!
hitchhiked to tajikistan

Tajikistan border with Uzbekistan

⁣⁣I didn’t plan to go here, but so many people on the road were enthusiastic about the Pamir Highway (world’s second highest highway) that I decided to visit Tajikistan as well.

tajik wodka and hospitality

Within one hour in the country they already wanted to drink Tajik wodka with me.

In the first restaurant they already wanted to drink wodka with me. As it was only 1am I decided to drink 2 shots with them. After that I had to hitchhike on.

tajik family

The next car who took me was this family. They were very nice to me. Eventually they even invited me to the wedding of their daughter/sister.

Unfortunately I had to reject the offer as it was 3 days later and a detour of 500km for me.

In the end I really enjoyed Tajikistan. Read for example how the hitchhiking at Pamir Highway went.

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