Hitchhiked this bus for about 4 hours over an unpaved road through the mountains of Iran. Thanks to this bus driver. It went like this: I was waiting for 1,5 hours (still my longest waiting time) on a super quiet mountain road when finally a car took me up the mountain. From there the road was unpaved and it seemed impossible to hitchhike. After 20 minutes the same car went back and as I didn’t see any car passing by, I asked the driver if I could go back with him. That was okay. When we drove back we encountered (to my surprise) a bus. My driver asked the bus driver if I could hitchhike the bus and that was fine.

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World Hitchhiker

Hi there! I am the guy behind worldhitchhiker.com. In 2019/2020 I hitchhiked from Holland through 26 countries to Malaysia. In total I've hitchhiked more than 40.000 km in 36 countries.


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