While hitchhiking at the Chinese highway a police car stopped. I was scared, will they deport me?

Photos of my bad behaviour?

I saw one of the police men taking a photo of me out of his car. Will that be the evidence to show I do something wrong?

hitchhiking in china with police
While hitchhiking at the highway in China the police stopped.

The police car stopped at the parking right behind me. They got out of their car immediately.

Before the two police men said anything they took photos of me. Is this more evidence to show my bad behaviour to his boss?

Selfies with the police

Before saying a word they took a photo together with me. I was a bit surprised. Do they actually like this?

After a few more photos I got more comfortable and understood they just found the situation funny.

Chinese police takes selfies with me.

Police man retakes the selfie

As the police man took some selfie with his phone, I asked him to take on with mine. No problem, he did that with pleasure.

After 20 minutes he asked for my phone again. I didn’t know why. He checked the selfie we took 20 minutes earlier. It was not good.

The selfie was not good enough. He wanted to retake it because his badge was not straight. So he took another selfie with us.

hitchhiking in the police car
Hitchhiking in the police car in China

Chinese social media

After many photos and selfies (he shared them directly on Chinese social media), he called his wife to tell the story. It was a video call of course (that’s super popular in China).

Then they got out the translation app and asked me if they can bring us to the train station.

Hitchhiking at the highway is dangerous

It was already getting dark, so I gave up hitchhiking and decided to take the train.

They brought me to the nearest train station as hitchhiking at the highway was not safe.⁣

chinese police helped hitchhiking
The Chinese police helped hitchhiking. They dropped me of at this bus station close to the train station.

The Chinese police was very nice. All in all it took about one and a half hour, but it was definitely fun. They both started a video chat showing their family ‘the foreigners’ in their car.

This day I hitchhiked together with a girl from Hong Kong.

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