The mountain lake Song Kol is a beautiful place to camp. Check how to wildcamp with your own tent at Lake Song Kol.

How to get to Lake Song Kol?

There are no regular busses to Lake Song Kol. So I hitchhiked there. But it’s definitely not the most easy place to hitchhike to. Actually it’s quite hard as there’s almost no traffic.

Read tips for hitchhiking.

how to get to lake song kol
How to get to Lake Song Kul; this is a beautiful road on the South-East of the lake.

Another option is to do a horse trekking tour. Many people organize these tours from the village Kochkor.

Of course there are travel tours going there, but they unfortunately don’t take hitchhikers. You might ask one of this tours if they can bring you there.

Normally those tours to Lake Song Kol let you sleep at Yurt Camps. That’s probably a cool experience. But if you want real freedom you might ask if you can camp yourself.

tent at lake song kul
The green thing is my tent at lake Song Kol.

How to camp at Lake Song Kol

Just get off where you want. Anywhere around the lake is fine. From the road it was about 45 minutes to walk to the edge of the lake, where I pitched my tent.

This sounds far, but then you are completely in the middle of nowhere. You won’t hear any cars or see any persons. It’s just animals around you.

One of the most quiets places to camp

One of the most quiet places I’ve camped: Lake Song Kol. Around me only mountains, herds of cows, horses and sheep and in the distance some yurts.⁣

camping at lake song kol
Camping at Lake Song Kul

The lake is located at an altitude of 3000m, which means cold nights! The green object in the photo is my tent.⁣

No persons around

During the day I was visited by cattles of cows, sheeps and horses. That day I only saw one person: a shepherd who let me sit on his horse.

The only person came by was a shepard, he asked me if I wanted to sit on his horse.

All day I saw only one person, a shepherd. He asked me if I wanted to sit on his horse, after that he stayed 10 more minutes but we had nothing to talk or to do, so it felt a bit awkward, but funny experience!

If you are in Kyrgyzstan you’ll want to hike to lake Alakul as well. It’s a beautiful hike.

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